About Us

Girl Power Songs are educational, empowering, and entertaining songs about Black women who changed the world - like me!

Erica Bauer creator of Girl Power Songs

Erica Bauer 

Erica Bauer as a toddler. I never thought I would write an album, let alone a children’s album. Girl Power Songs is not a dream, but a need. From preschool to Ph.D., I was educated as a little white boy. 
Once my son, a little white boy, began learning all the  same songs I learned when I was in school. At first, it  was fun to sing along and realize I still knew every  word. Then, something struck me. Why is it we know  more about Yankee Doodle than Maya Angelou! This is how Girl Power Songs was born.  


Not only is Demetriuz the founder of Piano in HipHop,  he's also my brother! 

This project would not be possible without my little brother. He is a musical genius and I was his first piano teacher (he loves when I say that!).

Demetriuz is the mastermind behind the musical arrangements, mixes, and masters. Despite me being his first teacher, I have become his student throughout this process. He’s taught me about recording layering vocals and producing. 

If you check out his YouTube channel, Instagram, and website; you will quickly see that he is a busy man. I am forever grateful to him for making time for this project.