The Spice Girl

Welcome to Girl Power Songs - the site to find the very best songs about girl power and women empowerment.

Sometimes you need role models and strong women before you realize that you too can be a strong woman and the songs here will get you firmly on the girl power bandwagon!

These are songs that celebrate being a woman instead of denigrating women with derogatory and offensive lyrics. They are songs about women power and the strength of the female.

They are perfect for a listen to anytime you are in the hands of a man that is treating you not as well as you deserve. They are also songs about life and how if you attack it with strength you can make your life so much better for yourself.

In fact they are songs for anytime that you need some girl power in your life!

Girl Power Is Every Day

Girl power is not dead. There may not be lots and lots of girlbands and singers singing about it in the charts every day but there doesn't need to be because life is every day.

You can have girl power in your life every day if you want to. Don't let men look down on you, be the boss and take charge of your life!

Use girl power everyday to make your life better, to get that job promotion, to get the man of your dreams or just for the sake of using girl power!

Once you get the hang of it, it will not feel unnatural. You can use it anytime you have something important coming up or an important task to do and do it even better.

Spread The Word

Girl power is not just for you. It is for you, your sisters, your family too!

Encourage other women...don't fight against them like the enemy. Strong women together can create great things and make a big difference in the world.

Whatever your goals are in life you will need to be strong to achieve them...and so let girl power help you achieve them.

Set your goals high because the sky's the limit when you use girl power.

When you achieve your goals tell other women that you used girl power to get you there!

You Can Be One Of Them

Think of all the women you admire. Think of all the women that you'd like to be like. Aren't they all women that have used girl power to get where they are? Of course they are!!!

If you use your girl power you too can become one of these ladies. Be comfortable in your skin because you don't need to become exactly like them, but they can inspire you nonetheless.

You'll inspire other women too when you use your girl power so don't be afraid to let yourself shine.

And use these songs - the 50 best girl power songs ever to help you to do just that...

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